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Hi, my name is Alexis Subias,

I am a french based UX/UI designer

At present graduated from HETIC Web High School, I have a thorough professional experience thanks to many business projects successfully achieved at school as well as during many training periods in various companies.

Passionate by design, I like to develop ideas and concepts into very pleasant experiences for the users. I am a specialist in UX/UI design for websites or mobile phone apps, as well as presentations, softwares and games. I’m also working as a freelancer for every kind of missions.

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Dark Side Welcome to my dark side

I'm not only an UX/UI Designer, I'm also passionnated by a lot of plenty things like music and video games.

Let's take a look together to my way of life

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My dark side
Heavy Metal
Music Heavy Metal icon

"How does it feel to be alive ?" These words, said by the Metallica's frontmen at the end of every Metallica's gigs is the exact moment I understand how does the music make me feel alive. One of my greatest passion. I am listening and enjoying music since I am in the cradle. From Hard rock, to Epicore and through Great music and of course, Heavy Metal and Metal. My love for music pushes me to make electric guitar since my 16 years old and electric bass guitar since my 20, it’s maybe the best way for me to take my mind off everything and to make me feeling good and ALIVE! I am also a great fan of gigs, especially in Paris. If you have the opportunity, maybe we’ll meet ;)

Video games
Video games Video games icon

Video games is an other way for me to escape myself in some other worlds: futuristic, fantastic etc. I love to play video games with my friends and to create some little ones about things that I love.