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Role Designer UX, Designer UI (second)

Year 2017

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Babel is an Android and iOS mobile app created in team during a school project during my fourth studying year. The goal of the app is the foreign languages learning with a listing and exercise system.


By creating this app, we wanted to make the user felling easy using the app. After some research, I choose the option to let the user create his own list and exercise to learn a foreign language. It is more efficient to learn something if we make it by our own, and that’s the goal of this app. To make the app more attractive, I thought about a gamification system to encourage and motivate the user with the main goal to make the user feeling easy and happy to use the app and learn a new language.

Babel's splash screen

UX conception

The most important parts in the app lie in the lists and exercises systems. This is the heart of the app and that’s why it’s possible to select and interact with le list on the main screen. It allow the users to have a quick look on it and with a special system, to have the possibility to edit them and to make a training exercise. I wanted the app to be very quick to understand and to use with a very limited screen number in the app.

I, first of all, hardly worked on the reflexion about the principle of the app. After, I create the sitemap, the user flows and the wireframes of both Android and iOS app.

Android home wireframe
Android exercice wireframe
Android home wireframe
Android exercice wireframe


Babel's app sitemap

Wireframes Android

Android home wireframe
Android exercice wireframe

Wireframes iOS

Android home wireframe
Android exercice wireframe

UI conception

With this UI, we wanted to make a very attractive an envious app. The red and the orange are very interested choices. These, are some very personnal and familiar colors. We had the ambition to make a very personal app with his own content, settings and exercices for each users. All the interface was also made to be very clean and enjoyable, as much as the gamification system which also have a challenging and loyalty role.


Onboarding step 1
Onboarding step 2
Onboarding step 3
Onboarding step 4

Nota Bene

According to the story, a united humanity in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward. There they agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world.



Android home
Android list
iOS list
iOS list

Exercise examples

Exercice example 1
Exercice example 2
Exercice example 3
Exercice example 4

Exercice Results

Exercice result 1
Exercice result 2
Exercice result 3


Babel's profil page
Babel's screens mockup


This app was made for being simple to use, quick, an very personnal. With the user as his own teacher, we have make an app with a better way to progress and an ubiquitous gamification system.

project miniature
Close the project
Close the project