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Role Designer UX, Designer UI (second)

Year 2018

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During my fifth study year in HETIC, I have had a six month long business plan project. With my team, we choose to create a little autonomous anti-theft device called Kamitchi. I was mainly in charge of the reflexion about the device and the users expériences of the website.


The Kamitchi’s website have a dual goal. First of all, it is a way to present the company, the objectives and the product. Then, it is also the main point of sale of the product and so, the best way for the company to make money.

To create the website and to allow the user to have the best experiences using it, as the UX designer, I spent a lot of time to research, study and analyse our potential users. I also work a lot concerning the content, the hierarchization and the user path to allow them to purchase our anti-theft device.

Kamitchi's home page

How did I work?

All my work during this project can be resume with this two questions:

How to make the user know about the company and the product ?
How to make them purchase our product ?

One advantage of our concept is that everyone could be a potential user. My first objective was to meet some people, talk with them and understand their needs and objectives to make the best product for them.

User research

Questionnaire 1
Questionnaire 3
Questionnaire 2



User story (concept)

User story

User story (site)

User story

The device

After some researches regarding the hardware and the analysis of all the user interviews, I was able to work on the device with my team, working on the features, shape, packaging etc.

Kamitchi's prototype

Nota Bene

The name “Kamitchi” comes from a bird living in South America and called the “Southern screamer” or “Kamichi à collier” in french. We choose to called our device Kamitchi after this majestic bird which have a special way to warn his peer when a danger approaching, by screaming a loudly and high-pitched scream. Scream, which have the same goal as our device: warn a danger.

The website

For the website, we would like to make a very clean one, clearly understanding and pleasurable to watch and interact with. The goal was to create our own visual identity and a way for the users to remember us.

At this point, I was mainly in charge of the content hierarchization, user paths and wireframing conception. I work to make everything very clear, especially when the user is buying a product, we wanted to make this path enjoyable and make the user restless in the idea to receive his Kamitchi’s device.


Kamitchi's website sitemap


Step 1 buy wireframe
Step 3 buy wireframe
Step 2 buy wireframe
Step 4 buy wireframe


Step 1 buy UI
Step 3 buy UI
Step 2 buy UI
Step 4 buy UI


My work and my involvement in this project allowed the Kamitchi’s device and website to be very simple and understandable to use. First of all, it was designed for every kind of people but, we also wanted to make the device, a very personnal one, with his own style and design of everyone who want. This, allow the device to be very familiar for the owners and it makes them more happy and proud in possession of a Kamitchi’s device.

With this, we also wanted to make our own identity with a very clean and recognizable design. This design, and the shape of the product which is as shaped as the logo is a good way to communicate and also a good way to be seen and to make anyone to be a onwer of one of our device.

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