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Role Designer UX/UI, Designer UX

Years 2017-2018

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With their ambition to digitalize the entire high school exam process, TestWe created several tools to do it so. As a UX/UI designer for a year and a half, I was in charge of the creation and the constant improvement of these tools.


To create a product for everyone is not easy at all. But it was my main objective all my temporary contract along. I had to constantly create very usable and intuitive tools for every kind of users, the technophile ones and sometimes, the thechnophobe ones.

How did I work ?

For every mission realized, I always used the design thinking method that allow me to go deeper in my research and reflexion, it also enable the creation of very usable and powerfull tools by always challenging myself in my work, it also allow me to be very attentive to the users feedback at every moment.

I was also able to work in team with several developers using some agile methodologies like scrum methodology or kanban methodology.

User research – Empathize

My first objective was to understand the current users and the potential future ones. I spent a lot of time to meet them, interview them and discuss with them. It allow me to understand them, to know their feeling and their needs

TestWe have a very vast kind of users, I spent a lot of time understanding them because I had the ambition to create some tools very powerfull and fun to use.

Methods used :

Interview   –   Focus group   –   Questionnaires

Focus group :

Reflexion – Define

It was the first great reflexions step. Always with the ambition to create some fun and powerfull tools for both teachers and students. I create some personas thanks all the users gathered informations and I also used the cardsorting method to tidy every comments and interesting feedbacks.

Methods used :

Personas   –   Cardsorting

Personas :

Cardsorting :

Imagination – Ideate

This step was the longest in all my reflexion and production way. The greatest difficulty was to adapt both tools for the users who have the habit to use this kind of tools and the users who doesn’t. Brainstorming, presentations, meetings with some colleague, paper draft and « what if ? » methods was my every day’s life for several weeks. Once done, I work hardly on the users stories and consider the sitemaps.

Methods used :

Brainstorming   –  Meetings   –   Paper draft   –   What if ?   –   Cardsorting   –   User story   –   User path   –   Sitemap

Users stories :

Paper draft reflexions :

Paper draft 1
Paper draft 2
Paper draft 2
Paper draft 1
Paper draft 1
Paper draft 2

Sitemap :

Creation – Prototype

Here we are, the step where all my reflexions is being shaped. After the paper draft’s wireframes done, I was able to create the digital one, more detailled and with more informations. During these steps I made several meetings with the development team to explaining them my reflexions and to allow them to give me their point of view concerning my reflexions and creations.

I was also able to work on the interface, creating and adapting everything. In the end, my last mission in this step, was to create a UI kit and deliverable documents for the development team and to guide them in the whole development step.


Methods used :

Paper draft   –    Wireframes   –   UI   –   UI kit   –   Prototypes

Paper wireframes :

Paper draft 1
Paper draft 2
Paper draft 1

High fidelity wireframes :

UI :

Prototypes :

Constantly improving – Test

Always looking for improvement of what I make, I was very close to the users using our tools and I was able to do some meetings with them. It was a good way for me to understand their feelings about the product, but also to gather and understand every good and bad points. Everything is registered on a Customer Journey Map which is the center of the futur réflexions and creations about all improvement I have done.

Methods used :

Meeting   –   Customer Journey Map   –    Wireframes   –   UI

Customer journey map :


After a year and a half of intense work, both TestWe’s software and back office are today, some very powerful tools.

I work a lot to make them the most intuitive and usable possible. They were made to allow every type of user to use them and understand them. It was my main objective all along.

I am now, very proud of my work, and theses tools helps hundreds teachers and students every weeks, this number is still increasing without end every day.

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